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Constructing a Good Dissertation:
A Practical Guide to Finishing a Master's, MBA or PhD on Schedule.

By Dr Erik Hofstee.

Constructing a Good Dissertation is a practical how-to manual to writing a successful dissertation. It covers everything you need to know about planning, researching, structuring, writing, editing and defending a good thesis or dissertation.

The book is packed with proven techniques that will help you pass your dissertation quickly and well, regardless of discipline or topic. It is an essential reference work for all postgraduate students. Whether you simply want to finish a good dissertation on schedule, or to create a cum laude work, you will find Constructing a Good Dissertation invaluable.

The information in the book is clearly presented, and easy to understand and apply to your work. The writing style, illustrations, examples and checklists will make sure that you stay on track.

The book is divided into four parts:

The first part provides the skills and knowledge you need before you start to research or write a dissertation. The information in this part will set you up for success and make sure that you don't run into unpleasant surprises later.

The second part deals with how to write the actual dissertation. It breaks the dissertation into its components, explains in detail what the parts are for, what belongs in them, and how to actually write them. Practical suggestions and warnings about potential pitfalls are included throughout. This part also contains many supplementary articles to ensure that you have the skills to do what needs doing.

The third part of the book deals with the things that will make your dissertation a better work, or easier to accomplish. These range from academic writing and editing skills, to the difference between a cum laude dissertation and a good, solid passing work, and more. Applying the material in this part of the book will help you improve your work, even if you're still doing your written assignments.

The final part of the book contains a reference section with the Harvard system. It also has the chapter "Bringing it Back to Basics" to make sure that you never lose sight of the forest for the trees.

The best way to get a feel for the book is to have a look at the full table of contents (PDF, 38 KB) and the introduction (PDF, 42 KB). The cover can be viewed here (198 KB). Browsing the FAQs should answer most of your questions about the book. You can also download a couple of sample chapters from each part.

If you have any questions or comments about Constructing a Good Dissertation, I'd really like to .

You can order a copy for R289.00. The price includes shipping to any postal address in South Africa.


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Dr Hofstee's definitive book, Constructing a Good Dissertation is now available in bookstores countrywide as well as on this website.


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