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Giving a general quote for all types of academic editing work is not possible. Dissertations differ too much for that. The price depends mainly on whether it is a master's or doctoral dissertation. A doctoral dissertation is longer and more complex, requiring a greater amount of the editor's time, so the price is higher.

Exactica's dissertation editing prices are low, but not the lowest on the market. That's because we will not compromise the amount of time spent on a dissertation in order to drop the price. Good work is more important.

The prices listed reflect the average cost of editing a Master's or PhD dissertation, both for workshop graduates and non-graduates. It works out to about R54.00 per page.



Master's Dissertation *


Ph.D. Dissertation **


   * Average length = 100 pages
  ** Average length = 200 pages

The prices quoted do not include appendices. It's usually not necessary to have them edited, given the materials they typically contain. You can do a perfectly acceptable job on them yourself. If, however, you want them edited, it can be arranged.

There is more on pricing considerations for dissertation editing (and editing in general) in the Editing FAQs or, if you have questions or would like a quote, please fill in the form below. The form is not binding until you accept the quote for your work and transfer a deposit.

When you have your work edited by Exactica, in the interests of transparency and academic honesty, we have a standard agreement. It can be downloaded here.

Please note that completed forms are not sent to www.exactica.co.za, but rather to our database address, www.majesticinteractive.co.za. Your browser may alert you that the information will be sent to this different internet address, but it is safe.


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