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Here you will find a grab-bag of useful things for dissertation writers. It includes checklists, referencing guides, a marking spreadsheet to help you check your work before you hand it in, some useful MS Word tips and templates and various other goodies.

The MS Excel spreadsheets below supplement the chapters "Marking Your Own Dissertation" and "Editing" in Constructing a Good Dissertation. They can be adapted to suit your particular dissertation's needs. Please note that they contain macros (which are safe if you download from this site):
A generic marking sheet and evaluative report   (100 KB)
Editing, proposal and dissertation content checklists   (127 KB)

Below are referencing guides in PDF* format, to the following styles:
Harvard   (161 KB)
APA (American Psychological Association)   (161 KB)
MLA (Modern Language Association)   (140 KB)
CMS (Chicago Manual of Style)   (145 KB)

All cover both in-text referencing and bibliographic / list of references styles. They also all have examples for the various types of entries (e.g. articles, newspaper, internet, edited books, multiple authors etc.)

* How to deal with PDF files: You should right-click on the link and then select 'Save Target As...' or it might try to open within your browser instead of downloading. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 4 or higher). If you don't have it, you can download a copy here. It is a big download though, so first check whether it's already installed by double-clicking on one of the downloaded files.


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