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Student Comments

After a workshop attendees are asked to anonymously fill in evaluation forms. The comments below are taken from those forms.

"A professionally run course which addresses a vital need in academic circles ..."
"The workshop consists of a legion of valuable information and useful tools."
"I would personally like to appreciate the initiatives created by the organisers as this was an eye opener ..."
"I should have done this workshop earlier. Excellent, highly recommended."
"I initially thought getting a cum laude was far-fetched, dealing with it has brought it closer."
"Well presented and essential."
"Concise; illuminating; reassuring."
"... it was a wonderful experience! It was very well presented and the notes will most certainly serve a useful purpose."
"Excellent! Best investment in my education. There is definite light in the tunnel."
"I found the workshop very informative ... giving you a clear path to follow."
"... very helpful in all facets of writing a dissertation."
"Excellent – It gives one a good grounding on how the dissertation should be tackled."
"My needs and expectations were all met. The balance was just right."
"For me this has been a great eye opener. I so wish I had attended this workshop long before today."
"I now know what to do ..."
"Using this method properly would put one in the best position to pass the dissertation."
"Very informative."
"Everything learned in this workshop is most useful to me."
"It was an excellent workshop which clarified essential issues ..."
"Well structured and explained."
"... attend at the beginning of the degree ... and shorten the assignment time spent."
"The workshop is most beneficial ..."
"... all brilliantly explained"
" It was extremely informative."
"Very good."
"The workshop is highly essential for this subject ..."
"Everything was detailed."
"Excellent, time and money well spent."
"... the workshop covered everything in enough detail."
"Balance is perfect."
"I now fully understand where to start."
"Very good and relevant. Professional."
"Valuable and very informative."
"... a major revelation."
"Areas well covered – everything of great importance."
"The workshop is quite wonderful. It has made the whole process of the thesis simpler."
"The workshop was relevant from the beginning to the end."
"Very useful and a great confidence builder."
"The workshop is high paced but productive."
"All areas were very important in the course."
"Very good. I now know I have a roadmap."
"Informative and mind opening."
"Highly educative, informative ... Everything was clear."
"It is perfect as is."
"One of the strengths of the Exactica program is the tremendous clarity of thought that the presenter brought to the workshop."
"Excellent course. The workshop was very informative and enlightening. It certainly encouraged me to consider doing further studies to the PhD level."
"The workshop was very useful and informative and a great help."
"It is an excellent workshop!"
"Excellent – assisted me in understanding thesis and dissertation writing."
"The workshop was excellent. It covered the whole area ..."
"Everything that was done ... is important to me for the completion of my mini thesis."
"Excellent – very detailed."
"A holistic view of the entire D-process, with detail within each step of the way."
"Has lived up to my expectations."
"It was a wonderful learning experience and I will strongly recommend it to any student."
"If attended by all ... students the motivation to get to the thesis stage will be permanently restored."
"A very good exercise to prepare a person for, or to do, a dissertation."
"It is an important tool that I think most thesis writers require. It highlights the important aspects that one is not aware of."
"Excellent presentation and good workshop contents."
"Provides the necessary structure for the researcher."
"It was well structured and now I have direction as to what to do from here on."
"Valuable and necessary."
"Excellent ... all areas are clear and notes are available ..."
"Very well structured."
"It was very good. Interesting to get all the information that I did not know, presented to me."
"... extremely useful and practical. This type of guidance should be included in the course work ..."
"... outlined the 'map' to finish my dissertation ... well structured and planned."
"Excellent, useful and a great value add ... well covered and very explicit."
"Very good – learned a lot. To the point."
"The course is designed so that every component is essential for understanding or grasping the skill of thesis writing."
"Impressive way/method ..."
"I believe there are more people who need this course ..."
"All areas were relevant ... Emphasis on thesis statement and method was very useful."
"... everything was set out clearly and unambiguously."
"Felt it was a very comprehensive overview of what it requires to write a dissertation."
"Everything was extremely clear and concisely presented."
"Excellent course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it invaluable."
"... the structure – was needed."
"Great course, seriously needed."
"I was exceedingly happy with what I was taught."
"This was an excellent course and I will definitely recommend it to my academic colleagues at my institution."
"Continue with good work!"
"I personally found the workshop eye opening"
"Brilliant, it actually met my expectations. I'm now much more confident."
"... there are a lot of people that can make use of your services."
"Thank you very much for the workshop. It helped me a lot ..."
"This course would assist a lot of students & scholars ..."
"Most helpful and informative."
"... worthwhile workshop."
"Advertise the course; there are a lot of people that can make use of your services."
"... very professionally presented ... very well structured."
"The course was truly excellent and I believe it covered everything I need to know."
"I have found the course extremely useful and motivating. I feel significantly more confident now about the whole process and my ability to pass the dissertation."
"... the course/workshop was very useful ..."
"All aspects of the course were equally important."
"Very, very well structured. Everything was very well covered."
"Very well done."
"Discussion and information was excellent ..."
"The workshop has given me insight on how to write a good dissertation ... it has given me good guidelines to strategise and complete a dissertation successfully."
"It was excellent. Everything that was shared was relevant."
"An excellent workshop, presented very well. A real eye-opener."
"Excellent – highly recommended before starting any Masters/PhD dissertation."
"Exceptionally well structured – God sent."
"Good, informative and valuable."
"Great; very valuable."
"Practical solutions [brought] order to a complex process."
"It has motivated me to do my PhD. All my concerns have been addressed!"
"Extremely helpful! Clear, practical. It made a very daunting subject (for me!) easier to grasp."
"The workshop covered every aspect of dissertation writing, and then some more. The generosity of sharing information as well as supporting material is highly appreciated."
"It was excellent. Everything that was covered was relevant."
"Very good – informative, focuses and really gives you hope."
"Excellent; it has made the whole process very clear. Fantastic as it is."
"Very informative and relevant ... Understanding the dissertation as a total process."
"Very good. All areas were well covered."
"Very informative. The presenter knows his work well."
"Well worth attending. Broke down the mammoth task into pieces that now feel manageable."
"This is an excellent, comprehensive approach to a very daunting problem. Crisp, clear and concise."
"Very practical and structured ... Everything covered."
"A cum-laude workshop – a great eye-opener."
"It was excellent. Very informative and to the point."
"Very informative! Worth every cent!"
"Very good. Wish someone had done this earlier ..."
"It was extremely good ... Everything clear."
"Very educative. Excellent presenter. It is a breakthrough in all the fears I had in my past four years as postgraduate student."
"Extremely helpful. Mind opener."
"Very informative and inspiring."
"It was really GREAT. Exceeded my expectations by far! Thank you."
"Excellent, should have done it 2 years ago."
"Honestly it is fantastic, I cannot praise it enough."
"Excellent, this cleared up the entire process ..."
"You are doing a great job ..."
"The workshop has added tremendous value to my knowledge about constructing a dissertation. Without it I would not be able to do it properly."
"It is an excellent workshop. It's very informative and an eye opener."
"Excellent! I finally know how to go ahead and cannot wait to change how I did it ..."
"The workshop is practical, clear and very focused ... Demystifies a lot of concepts, issues around the subject."
"It was superb. Very clear and understandable ..."
"It was ... a special kind of its own. Supervisors don't say these things to their students ..."
"Excellent, invaluable and incomparable."
"Many more postgraduates will benefit from the workshop."
"The workshop, the facilitator and the handouts were excellent. I really gained a lot from the workshop."
"The workshop should be made compulsory/mandatory to all final year students and academics."
"Outstanding – I suggest that more supervisors should attend this workshop."
"An excellent workshop. I learned a lot – thank you. I am now confident."
"This workshop was very important for researchers ... Thank you."
"Everything was wonderful."
"The workshop was excellent, the presenter excellent. I really learnt a lot. Thanks very much."
"A very valuable workshop."
"This workshop was excellent ... it took all the mystery out of writing a dissertation. This workshop should be made standard for postgraduate students and supervisors."
"I'm very happy."
"Highly recommended."
"This is a 'before-and-after' story ... thank you so much! I am flying again!"
"Facilitator is extremely outstanding and I will definitely pass a dissertation. Thanks."
"Extremely relevant. Concise and informative."
"What an eye opener! I wish I'd attended it before I embarked on my postgraduate studies."
"I am highly satisfied. God bless you."
"I found it mind opening ... I am impressed."
"Excellent – covered every detail I needed to know."
"An eye opener ... is a complete map from where to start [to] where you are going."
"Excellent. Clear guidelines, well structured. Have a whole new perspective."
"Very good and extremely helpful. Informative and will make a big difference to my work."
"Very informative ... Everything is very detailed. It helps me a lot with my own studies."
"Excellent, I've learned a lot."
"An excellent course. Extremely interesting."

There are many other comments like these on file ...

To learn why students write comments like these on their evaluation forms, click here.


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