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2 Day workshop

In Exactica's workshops all attendees understand every step before we move on to the next. Comments such as "gives you a clear path to follow" and "all brilliantly explained" and "excellent presentation" are the result.

Specifically, Exactica's workshops will show you how to:

  • find a good topic
  • identify a researchable problem within that topic
  • formulate and evaluate research questions, research propositions / research hypotheses
  • write a successful proposal
  • create a successful meta-structure for your thesis or dissertation
  • plan the dissertation project and construct functional timelines
  • research efficiently
  • structure and write the:

  • introduction
  • literature review
  • method (designing and explicating the research methodology)
  • the body (presentation of research, analysis and arguments)
  • the conclusion and
  • appendices

  • edit effectively
  • deal with the formalities involved in writing dissertations, such as:

  • referencing and creating bibliographies
  • using charts, tables, and other supporting material effectively
  • how to prepare a good abstract

You will also be learn about a wide range of other practical matters, such as:

  • how to avoid the most common pitfalls in writing theses/dissertations.
  • the difference between a passing mark and a cum laude
  • the academic writing style
  • dealing with writer's block
  • academic politics: influencing the choice of (and interacting with) supervisors
  • how to mark your own dissertation before handing it in.

Workshops last two full days, from 8:45 am to 5:30 pm (or until everybody understands the material thoroughly!). Parking, lunch and refreshments are provided.

All courses include a copy of Constructing a Good Dissertation, a copy of the course manual, and all required stationery and other materials, as well as lunch and other refreshments.

Workshops are always kept small, with about 15 participants. They are also very intensive. Both are necessary to be sure that you get what you came for – a complete understanding of how to go about conceptualising and creating a good dissertation.

All workshops are personally taught by Dr Hofstee, and offered throughout South Africa.

If you are interested in Exactica's workshops, or would like to enquire about dates or workshops in your area, please fill in the workshop enquiry form.

If you have questions, they may well be covered in the Workshop FAQs. If not, you can email your question to me by clicking .


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