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Exactica's Thesis and Dissertation workshops give you a step-by-step guide to creating good dissertations.

The workshops are practical and comprehensive. When you leave one, you will know how to create a good dissertation from beginning to end.

You will learn how to choose a topic that will help you succeed, how to check for potential problems before you start, how to structure your work, and how to write every component that a good dissertation must have. And you will understand the logic behind it all.

You will also learn other vital dissertation skills such as: how to plan and make functional timelines, write a solid proposal, make the most out of your relationship with your supervisor, research effectively, master the academic writing style, and how to edit your work. Practical tips, checklists, and warnings about common mistakes are included throughout.

From the introduction to the conclusion, everything is dealt with in-depth. You will know what belongs where, and why it makes sense. And you will know how to apply your new knowledge.

You will also have every opportunity to ask questions and practice key concepts. The workshops will give you the street-smarts you need to tackle your dissertation with confidence.

Researching and writing a dissertation is a skill, and it can be learned. To many people, that comes as a surprise. When they find out, I get comments like the following:

"...a major revelation."
"...this was an eye opener..."
"The workshop is highly essential for the subject..."
"Very good. I now have a roadmap."

Many people are intimidated by the idea of writing a dissertation; they are unprepared to conceptualise, plan, research, structure, write and edit a dissertation. You don't have to be. As one attendee wrote: "The workshop has given me insight on how to write a good dissertation ... it has given me good guidelines to strategise and complete a dissertation successfully."

It's all about knowledge, strategy and taking the right steps at the right time.

The Exactica method is a comprehensive and structured approach that works.

To read about the actual contents of the workshop, please click here.


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